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Order Ticket Follow-up (In final beta) / WHMCS addon

Order Ticket Follow-up (In final beta) INFO

Project : Order Ticket Follow-up

Client :

With this addon you can have Tickets created automatically, according to the ordering stage.

Technology :PHP

This WHMCS addon will give you the opportunity to automatically create Support Tickets based on the product ordering process.
You can even have multiple tickets created in 1 order process!
Creation of a ticket can dependent on
– the stage of the order and customization includes
– the Admin users assigned
– the Support Ticket group it belongs too
– the stage in the ordering process that triggers the ticket
– the Priority of the ticket
– the subject and text of the ticket to be created
– add a link to the knowledgebase by selecting the article
– create a template to create tickets follow-ups easier
– insert a predefined reply from those you have created in the system

This WHMCS addon is in development at the moment.
We are in Final beta now and once these tests have completed successfully it will be available for purchase.
We expect to be ready for sales before the end of May 2016.

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